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Marsh Baker from The Better Baker:

A few years ago, my daughter connected me with Traci. I had Traci design my first blog button and it was gorgeous. I recently decided to have her do a blog makeover for me, not having anything specific in mind, just desiring to have a more professional look.

Boy, did Traci WOW me! It didn't take long at all, and when my daughter saw what she had come up with for a header, even my daughter said "She's really capturing YOU"!  I believe Traci has a real knack for doing that. I believe it's a God-given gift and she uses it to create warmth and beauty. 

Traci is the most affordable of all the graphic designers I'm acquainted with, and I whole-heartedly believe I got the better end of the 'deal'. Without a doubt, I couldn't be more pleased. 

Beth from Simply Beth:

I discovered Traci Michele Designs when another friend shared that Traci was doing a Blog Makeover giveaway. Creating a new design for my blog had been on my heart so the timing seemed perfect. After visiting Traci's website I knew whether or not I won the giveaway I was going to reach out to her for a fabulous new makeover.

I did not win the makeover but I did still reach out to her.

From the moment we connected Traci was a delight to work with. She is a true professional.

I have absolutely no design experience and provided her with little input on a new design for my blog but within only a few days she presented one that made me feel like she had known me for years. It felt perfect for me. I couldn't be happier and I'm enjoying all the lovely comments I've received since launching.

Not only did she give me a fabulous blog makeover, but she was quick to provide me with a coordinated new look for my social media tools. My followers have been increasing ever since!!

I'd describe Traci as warm, patient, efficient, talented, creative and the list could go on. I promise you won't be disappointed with her work.

Karrilee From Abiding Love, Abounding Grace:

You know how it is... you blog hop and click links can get caught up in discovering all sorts of awesome and can't really remember how or where you started out originally. Well - that is how I came across Traci Michele Designs. I entered a Blog Makeover on her website and to be honest, browsed around a bit, got excited at the thought of something less - well, templatey - and more me... and then I sort of forgot about it. I don't enter a ton of giveaways, but when I do - I rarely win so my expectation is fairly low!

I was surprised and thrilled to find myself tagged in a post on facebook, announcing the winner! I honestly figured it would take some time. It was a free makeover and I thought she would just work on it slowly over time - maybe even in between paying jobs. But oh no! That is not Traci! She was on top of it and in the span of maybe a week, I had a shiny new GORGEOUS blog! When my hubby looked at it, his first response was, "It's like she KNOWS you?" It is so me... and I love everything about it!

She is so talented and able to really get a vision for who you are and what sort of feel you want your space to have... she was kind to answer questions and tweak things here and there to make it just right. She helped me with some comment issues I was having and was just overall a pleasure to work with! 

I highly recommend her... her work (as you can see) is beautiful, and her work ethic amazing! (She even answered emails over the weekend, ya'll - although I also recommend telling her to wait until the weekend is over!)

Thanks again Traci... I LOVE my little corner of the internet!
@ Abiding Love, Abounding Grace

Christina from To Show Them Jesus:

I am so happy that I hired Traci to redesign my blog. I found her when another designer didn't work out and she jumped in right away to help me. She was quick, efficient, and gave me exactly what I asked for. She seemed to "get me" when I described what I wanted and if something needed adjusting, she did it right away. When I had a question, she was quick to respond by email. I highly recommend Traci for a blog design. She is wonderful!

Thank you for my beautiful Blog! 
I did not know a thing about setting up a blog and you were most helpful and patient with my questions.
Your service was top notch, your work excellent!
Thank you again Traci.
Love in Christ,

I could not be happier with my new blog design. It is so much better than I could have pictured or imagined. Traci is an amazing graphic designer and communicator. She was extremely patient with me as I gradually figured out what I was looking for, and gently guided me in the right direction. She gave excellent, objective advice about aspects I was unsure about, and the result is refreshing and simple, just like I wanted, only better! I recommend Traci’s services sincerely without reservation!

I absolutely LOVE the new look of my blog! 

Talented beyond belief, professional, and caring are some of the words I would give you to describe Traci Michele. She was so patient with me as she answered all of my requests to get everything just right. She worked with me in a very timely and efficient matter. I couldn't be happier! If you are looking at getting your blog redone, I would 100% recommend Traci Michele!

Angie from A'LIL COUNTRY SUGAR wrote:

I am so happy today.....

Did you see the new look? The new look on the blog? The gorgeous organization? The clutter-less-ness?

And it is all due to that wonderful lady over there -------------->

Traci Michelle !! Go ahead, click her name (or her button)....You will then get to see all the wonderful work she has done.

I am truly thankful to Traci. She is great with communication too. She stayed in contact with me until the blog was completely finished, showing me step by step what she was doing.

If you are considering a blog change, Traci is your person. Go ahead, contact her, she is GREAT!!

Thank you Traci!!

Jennifer from SWEET BLESSINGS had this to say:
"Recently Traci did a blog design for me.  I really did not give her much information to go by, yet she captured exactly what I wanted!  The design very much reflects me.  I am a very indecisive person and she was very patient with me.  I love the design and love working with Traci and I definitely recommend her!"

LISA from A Moment With God wrote:

Loved working with Traci! I really didn't have any idea what I wanted in a blog design, but Traci was so patient. She is very creative and was able to take my "feeling" and turn it into a wonderful design. I would highly recommend working with her - you won't be disappointed!" 

 Vicki from MIMI's MUSINGS had this to say:

My daughter told me about Traci and how she helped her with her blog. She asked me if I wanted her to redo mine, I said sure why not. I am glad I did. She did a great job and I love it.

Thanks again Traci.

God Bless.


Mimi's Musings

I've worked with Traci to redesign my blog and I couldn't be happier! She was very quick with her services and made sure I liked everything. She was willing to make any changes I requested and was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use Traci's services again!

I didn’t realize I had such strong opinions on what I wanted my blog to look like until I asked Traci to help me redesign it.  She was so patient with me as she tweaked and re-tweaked it until it was just the way I wanted it.  She went above and beyond to make it the way I had envisioned it in my mind.  I would absolutely recommend Traci to anyone who wants some blog help. Her services are also very affordable.  In my opinion, she is the best!

Are you feeling blog boggled? Does every little fixer-upper you want to make on your blog bog you down? Me too. That is, until I found Traci at Ordinary Inspirations. Traci is an internet Einstein! Every big challenge that faced me was little to her...get it? Traci's last name is Little, heheh.

Seriously, I have been so blessed in working with Traci. I can be very picky and anal, and Traci handled it all with a grain of salt. Her graphic designs went way beyond my expectations, see for yourself:

On my Heavenly Humor Blog, she created my two buttons (HH) and (Poetry and Paradise) in my sidebar:

She created my header for my poetry and paradise blog:

Traci designed my blog buttons, worked behind the scenes on my html, and even created a fabulous new header for my 'Poetry and Paradise' blog as an extra bonus! I am so in love with my new header, I can't stop looking at it! Feels like I died and went to heaven.

Traci's graphic designs are out of this world (think heaven) and her prices are so reasonable, I couldn't afford not to hire her. Spread the word...all your prayers have been answered right here!


~Charlotte @ For A LifeTime wrote:
I recently asked Traci at "Ordinary Inspirations" to design my blogger page so that I can add more to it and have it the way that I want it.

I have to tell you that I was a little nervous at first due to the fact that I am new to all this. The nerves were ridiculous for me to even have, because she was so easy to work with and didn't mind that I had so many questions and thoughts. I was very PLEASED and very blessed to have found her to help with the adjustments that I needed. Please if you are looking for someone to help you to design your Blog or to help with HTML work; I recommend that you work with Traci. Feel free to hop on over to my Blog; For A LifeTime to see exactly what she has done for me. You will be truly blessed with the outcome.

~Jennifer wrote:

Traci is such an easygoing, sweet person and she was wonderful to work with while designing the blog! She had some great suggestions and was so willing to listen to what I was looking for and provide me with various choices. I love seeing different possibilities to see what would work best and she definitely offered various suggestions so I could come up with the best option for our group blog! And she was so speedy with the various designs she came up with as well! I loved that Traci also was willing to not only provide the designs, but help me implement them with going in and adding the header, background and then also changing the layout style. I had attempted to change the layout style myself (following directions on another blog), but it was too tricky as I don’t know html code myself. So, I am so glad she offers the option of helping people install all the elements you want on your blog!

Not only does Traci have beautiful designs, but she is also very reasonable with her prices!! You definitely will want to check her out if you’re in need of a blog makeover or want to start up your own blog! I know I will be using her talents more as it comes to redesigning certain aspects of my bargain blog!! She already has created a beautiful button for my Blog carnival, which I love!! Thank you Traci!

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